Snowblower: A review

A whirlwind trip to Calgary occurred on the first weekend of January. Only just recovering from the events of New Year’s Eve, I headed on to Calgary, for one of Mousai’s biggest dance performances yet. I arrived Friday night, went to a house party filled with really the only people I knew in the city. Saturday, woke up and immediately started preparing for the event.

PK Sound created a winter wonderland on the downtown pavement for Calgary citizens.  The line up included Kid Koala, An-ten-nae, VibeSquaD, Adham Shaikh, Erica Dee and Cary Chang. We performed, as well as three other dance troupes. Our first performance was first Cary Chang, we did crowd interaction (roving performance) for Adham Shaikh, our starring performance was for An-ten-nae, then we collaborated with La Gogue for Kid Koala. The costume theme was lumberjack zombiesque. Again we had Jenny Jenn paint us, which is always a pleasure. Here are a few photos. The first few are before the show, two shots of inside the bass bus, then a shot of the beautiful backstage area.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was a long and wild day! Call time was 2pm, the first show was at 5pm, and we weren’t off duty until 11pm. Everything went amazingly well though. We spent our breaks split between the beautiful green room that had been kindly provided for us and the BassBus, which is a radical party bus that parked behind the stage.

The crowd was warm and receptive. Although the stage was quite low and the performance didn’t reach as many in the audience as we would like, those who saw it were enthralled and entertained. Adam An-ten-nae’s music hit all the right notes, and our choreography went off without a hitch. I must admit it was hard not to stop dancing and just watch him and later, Kid Koala. They are both such strong stage performers! It was a great show all around.

The Official Snowblower Afterparty, featuring edIT of the Glitch Mob, Subvert, Piranha Piranha and Slim Pickins, with PK Sound was also a blast, and I had a chance to see how Calgary throws down.

Most memorable experience of the weekend? Popping sparkle filled helium balloons in the parking lot behind the Calgary Flames Central (the insanely huge afterparty venue) with An-ten-nae.. minutes before snaking our way into the party past a lineup of over 200 people.


The next day? An eight hour flight to London, England. Finally a chance to sleep!

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