Vancity Loki Launch Party

What a weekend. Big things happening back in Vancouver while I was drinkin’ in LA. Friday on March 23rd, fellow Loki coordinators put together a fantastic party, showcasing a variety of talent that will be at Loki Festival this year. There was music by Glitchy and Scratchy , Application,  Dubconscious , Tucker Foldin’ and Setwreka. The lovely muses of Mousai Entertainment performed

The party celebrated the lineup, ticket and website release of this year’s festival. Intentions behind the party were to give Vancouver residents a taste of what to expect at Loki. Along with the performances listed, there was a raffle held to give away prizes donated by sponsor friends: Submerged Studios, Tank Glass, and The Fall Tattoo Gallery, and two free tickets to Loki!

The Mousai performance was styled black and gold. Think…gothic, elusive goddesses. I’m so sad to have missed it! But I was there in spirit. The epic gold mask has a story of it’s own.. so many things to report! I want to tell you the story, describe my entire weekend in LA and get you excited for Loki, but instead.. I’m going to start getting ready for the next leg of my journey down to Long Beach, CA. I plan on spending the majority of the week in that area. And hopefully find the sunshine that seems to have avoided me all the way down the coast.

Photos of the party have been provided by Ryan Mitchell. Images of the Mousai performance are featured as well.

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