In Between

Sitting in a cool and breezy LA apartment, chilling with one of the most accommodating hosts I’ve ever had. It’s been a long and eventful week since my last post. Last Monday, March 26, I hopped on the LA Metro down to Long Beach, CA. Head foggy and dazed from a dreary cold, I just couldn’t seem to get comfortable in my hosts home. Things weren’t working out and I was drained from travel and congestion. Everything had an amazing turn around Wednesday morning when I went to a free yoga lesson on the Long Beach bluff.

After class, I hung around to chat to the yoga teacher about Lightning in a Bottle as she mentioned she would be teaching there. An amazing spirit with engaging energy greeted me with a hug and instantly I felt like I’d known her for years. I chatted a bit more about festivals and she convinced me to hit up Lucidity on April 13-15th.. which brings the festival count to a grand total of Nine. That’s right.. nine festivals this summer.. any who.. After a great chat, I felt comfortable enough to tell her about my couch situation. She immediately offered up her living space with a smile and a hug. That night I moved into a luscious yogi apartment, shared by two wonderful women with interests in acroyoga, hoop performance, raw food delights and salsa dancing. The next two nights were a cure for the common cold and I left their house replenished, energized and yet again amazed by the kindness of strangers.

Another weekend spent in LA, guided by a local film student and indie rock radio show host who knew of a million local shows at a great array of underground venues.  Hit up Santa Monica, Venice Beach and Melrose Ave. Now I’m back at the host who first put me up last weekend.

Photos, Videos and more comments hopefully to follow! I’m headed to Vegas now.. for the Fifteenth Annual Viva Las Vegas!

Wish me luck! I may end up playing a Blackjack table or two!

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