Lost Vegas

Oh Vegas.. what a wonderful nightmare. I can’t believe I’ve been three times now… yet somehow know I’ll go again. It’s an overbearing array of everything sinful. Cigars, sequins, strippers, fast food smorgasbords, sugary drinks.. all over priced yet so appealing. Indulgence and gluttony are encouraged and embraced.

Style is one thing that incredibly lacking in Vegas. Every time I go, whoever I’m going with takes it as an opportunity to dress to the nines. Blacks, reds, polka dots, classic heels and fedoras. Class, sass and fishnets.. You’d think everyone would feel the same? Apparently the most popular outfit in Vegas = sweatpants and tank tops. It’s also a popular family destination. What is with THAT? In a city where flyers for ‘escorts’ litter the streets and you can drink and smoke any and everywhere.. you think you’d see fewer kids than Disneyland. Unfortunately not..

Well despite all the kids running around and the surplus of sweatpant coutre we still had a blast. I arrived on Wednesday night by bus from LA to meet up with two best girlfriends flying in from Vancouver. The bussing into Vegas there was a beautiful view of the Cali/Nevada desert and I could barely contain my excitement. I was rolling into town to drop my dusty backpack off in a baller hotel room paid for by the ladies, and swap my Birkenstocks in for Steve Maddens. Uncomfortable couches to fluffy hotel bed.

We all had tickets to Viva Las Vegas for the weekend, and this was the saving grace. The largest of it’s kind in the world, VLV is the convention for all things rockabilly. For 5 days, over 40 000 people are transported to the past. Back then women’s shapely figures were embraced, swing dancing was the hip thing to do, and men spent their entire paychecks on hot rods and hair grease.

The convention took place at The Orleans Hotel and Casino, which was walking distance from the hotel we stayed at. Music started on Thursday and ran until 5am Monday morning. Live bands were commonplace, but supplemented by DJ’s playing old jive records after midnight for the party to continue. A large amount of events were offered during the day ranging from Pinup Hairstyle workshops to Burlesque Bingo and a Tiki Pool party, complete with Hula dancers. The biggest day event was the Car Show, where hundreds of hot rod enthusiasts from all over the world appeared to show off their prized possessions. Just imagine a huge tailgate party, where every car is unique and retro, sexy women with tattoos pose pinup style beside them, and there’s a multitude of cheap beer, sunshine and live music.

Unfortunately, I have hardly any pictures to show from the weekend but I will post some great video footage I got of the Fashion Show. The rest of Vegas is definitely a delightful blur. Casinos, Dub Church, penthouse suites and roller coasters. Long island iced teas and limo rides. Saying goodbye to my Vancouver ladies was hard! Left on Monday early morning, and I’m now in Santa Monica sitting beach side, planning my next trip to Lucidity Festival. Plans this week? Relaxing.. saving money to make up for the money I threw away in Vegas, and exploring Santa Monica and Venice Beach.

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