The Ojai Foundation

I was extremely blessed to find time in my busy itinerary in which I could commit to a two-week long work exchange program at The Ojai Foundation. The foundation is located 5 minutes north of Ojai, nestled snuggly at the base of the Los Padres National Forest. Established about 35 years ago, the Foundation has served as a gathering point for spiritual leaders, shamans, indigenous elders and other influential beings. Currently, the land houses full-time staff and hired work-exchange visitors. They tend the land and prepare it for programs that rent the space for various retreats and workshops. In exchange for 20 hours of work a week, I was given one of the most beautiful campsites I’ve ever step foot on, access to a full kitchen/shower/bath, and the honour of participating in council meetings and morning meditations.

I simply do not possess the poetic capacities to describe the power that this land holds. Everyone that I spent time with there now has a permanent place in my heart, and I know I will visit Ojai again. The two weeks provided a perfect amount of peace, a room for reflection, and quieted all my worries about the hectic months ahead. I was taught the importance of breath, the power of gratitude and reminded of the abundance of magic.

Hopefully these pictures can give you some idea of how fantastic my time was. They include my trip up to the foundation, various shots from my insanely amazing campsite, day trips in a VW bug, and other miscellaneous shots from the area. Enjoy!

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