Lightning in a Bottle.

After the last post, my friend and I were swept up from San Francisco and rushed down to South California.. with just enough time to make it for our volunteer orientation at 7pm, Wednesday, May 24th. Arriving on the grounds I realized that this weekend was going to be inspirationally epic.. the land was breath taking, front gate staff were friendly and informative and for one of the first times all summer.. I was about to camp with a partner in crime. With her by my side and the sun setting in the distance.. we explored the campsites looking for a place to rest our sacks. Not long after we ran into Dani Lil-Dragon, owner-operator of Mousai.Entertainment, fellow dragon, and life long soul sister. She pointed us in the direction of PK Sound camping which was perfect.. as I had offered earlier to proivde childcare services over the weekend for the newest member of the PK family.

The quality of production at Lightning in a Bottle was apparent right away. Volunteering a majority of my hours on Thursday and Monday.. I had the whole weekend to explore the beautiful playground that had been created. Every single detail was refined and polished. The camping and stages were split between a lower level and an upper level area. A shuttle hired by LIB called the Rastabus, transported people up and down at all hours during the weekend, and another shuttle system helped patrons get their gear between the parking lot and campgrounds. As a festival junkie and long time attendant.. I was blown away by this. They also provided a free ferris wheel, paddle boat rides, interactive art spaces, galleries, sound temples, chill spaces, benches, craft areas and other artistic perks. The Do Art Foundation partnered up with over 40 live painters to raise money for their charity, which brings art and colour to grey spaces in the LA area, such as prisons and schoolyards. Even the beer sponsor was chosen consciously, as New Belgium Brewing boasts sustainability and employee friendly business practice. Plus.. having a few beer gardens around was a nice change from a majority of the other EDM festivals I’ve attended.

Music? Amazing. Performance artists? Jawdropping. Community? Unparalleled. Lightning in a Bottle did so many things right. I will most DEFinitely search out an opportunity to become more involved in the following years. It was incredibly hard to say goodbye to everyone.. but I had officially been captured by Dani, heading straight from LA, California, to Calgary, BC.

A few more photos can be found on Westcoast Wanderings, Facebook page.


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