Arriving in Calgary at 8:30 pm.. we only had a hectic 3 hours to get ready for the SubChakra show at Desperados. The performance consisted of Dani Lil-Dragon, Mihalea “Duvstep” and myself. I played the role of a dark hooded gypsy, and after they unwrapped me they pranced and hooped in circus stylinz’. We performed for approximately 40 minutes, behind the dj booth, on the stage in front of the dj, then on a riser in the middle of the crowd. Our energy was high, the choreography went well and our wonderful airbrush artist Jenny Jenn managed to snap great photos. You can find more photos on the Mousai.Entertainment site.

After the show, we all jumped back in the car and headed out to Sync Music Festival. We arrived at 5:30 am. After being out of Canada for over 3 months.. this was a pretty surreal time to see old friends. As the sun came up.. there was rum, reunions and other silliness. I was definitely ready for a weekend of fun in the beautiful mountains of Golden BC. One performance down.. two to go.

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