Sync Festival

Sooooooo good to hit up my first Canadian festival of the summer. Beaverfoot Lodge was one of the most beautiful venues I have ever attended a festival at.  Major artists and crew were housed in one large log cabin and a handful of covered wagons. The rest of the festival attendants, including Mousai and Jenny Jen, our airbrush artist, camped in the luscious green forest filled with shade from sun and coverage from rain. The grounds were fairly spread out between 3 well designed stages.. so even at the busiest points, the dance floor destroyers had room to breathe and space to dance. I spent the majority of my time at the main stage, built by Space Invaders and brought alive by Beama Visuals. You can read all about the amazing video mapping, and find a video of it in action in Dubselekta’s “Beama – Video Mapping Wins the Rave!” Unfortunately.. my camera died after the Calgary show.. fortunately I found a disposable camera on the speakers and was able to capture this shot..

Mousai performed first for An-ten-nae’s set on the Saturday night. I used fan manipulation while Dani Lil-Dragns and Miha Duvstep performed circus contortions beside and around me. The music was extremely hyphy and worked well with our performance. The costumes combined Victorian waist cinches, lace see-through tops, and hats similar to the style that An-ten-nae usually sports. Although specific tracks are sometime a blur in my memory because of so many distracting factors…I definitely loved a particular track that Adam introduced as his son’s.

In an interview captured by K.Lea of DJMag in her extensive Sync coverage An-ten-nae states, “the track with my son is called Crunk City Kid and his artist name is called Kid Crunk. He wrote the song and sung in it, I helped with the engineering etc … I am really excited for him as the song has been a huge hit and is being released on the next Acid Crunk ep coming out end of June / July.”

This is the second time Mousai has performed during Ant-en-nae’s set and we certainly hope it’s not the last! It was great to see him perform just the weekend before at Lightning in a Bottle, then work with him all the way up in Golden, BC.

Photo Courtesy of Yan’s Soundcloud

On Sunday night.. the mood of our performance was determined by the weather. It was a grey, rainy day.. perfect for the creepy basslines of the unique and inspiring Yan Zombie.  Miha and Dani = Mummy Goddesses with sparkle blood potions. My costume = Dark Gypsy Cleopatra. The tops were gold and black, with gold glitter tights. Similar to the Salva set on Friday, I used scarf manipulations to create a strong stage presence and the other ladies used go-go style dancing and circus moves to balance the effect. The music was perfect! Great tracks by Yan and sick vocals by Vs. A live music element always makes performing that more exciting. The weather made for a dangerous set. The speakers had pools of rain water on them.. and seemed to be a lot shakier then I remembered from the previous night. On top of this, I managed to get a heavy dusting of red sparkles in my eyes during the performance.. so vision became impaired and movements were definitely minimized after that. I took this moment to do some crowd roving while the others held down the stage for the rest of Yan’s set. The crowd was receptive and conscious. Smiles all around, despite the rain.

The rest of Sunday night was a perfect mix of funky beats and friendly company. Overall, Sync festival was a perfect introduction to Mousai’s festival circuit. Performances were relaxed, viby, interactive and unique to each musicians set. We worked quickly through minor setbacks such as weather, and danced so well together after being separated for almost a year! It was great to see how the Calgary ladies have evolved as a team and I was happy to bring some new prop tricks that I had picked up at Tribal Fest, the bellydancing convention in California. Next stop? Vancouver, for a quick minute, to re-group with the Vancity Mousai. Reports on our Woman’s Wellness Workshop to come.

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