Inspired and created by Dani-lil Drgns.. this was Mousai’s first installation of our Womens Wellness Workshops. Divided into three segments over 4 hours, this workshop was created with the intention of sharing the love, empowerment, and knowledge that we have gained as a group in our private practices. The goal was to combine music, movement, meditation, and nutritional awareness into one fluid group learning experience. Before the event, we stated that “ideally every woman will leave enlightened and inspired, filled with a sense of confidence and freedom.”

Here is an overview of what we covered in the three segments.

Program 1: Circ-ASS
“Bass Booty – Acrobatic Strengthening”
Instructor: Dani Pants
Strengthening of key muscle memory zones, prepping your body for aerial, acrobatic or general training.

Program 2: Movement Therapy
“Study of the Relationship Between Mind and Body”
Instructor: Emily Long
Guided in-body meditation, slow floor stretches, breathing/posture work, movement analysis, and discussion of the relationship between emotion and movement.

Program 3: Healthy Eating
“Have your cake and eat it too!” Instructor: Ariel Amara
The holistic approach to delicious nutrition. A discussion of healthy living, unique alternatives and interesting cooking tips.

While each segment had a specific leader, the rest of Mousai was present to guide the attendants through the process, lending a hand whenever needed. Throughout the entire workshop, a very well known and respected female producer, Andrea Graham, aka “The Librarian”, graciously provided music. The event was housed at Submerged Studios which was perfect.. as this is the same space that Mousai gathers in to practice and create.

The workshop flowed well and each woman involved had individual attention and instruction. Emotion saturated the air.. and there were even a few tears of joy shed here and there! At the end, everyone was overcome with gratitude for the time we spent together. We are so thankful to have the opportunity to share our knowledge as a troupe.. and are looking forward to the next time we can host another workshop!

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