Loki Music Festival


I arrived at the True Blue Ranch about 2 weeks before the show.  I had grandiose dreams of working 8 hours a day, finalizing every pretty little detail before the show.. maybe even having a few days to relax before everyone started arriving. Loki, the god of mischief had other plans for us though, and decided to shower us with torrential rain for 14 days straight.  I saw the sun maybe 4 times in the two weeks I was there. 2 days before the show.. all of our major roads were pretty much useless.. and the entire campground area was saturated to the point we couldn’t drive cars on it. Things were not looking good.

Saturday June 29th: Showtime

Gates opened at 10am. We improvised a new parking system every hour, and some how we got all of the bare essentials including the PK Sound rig up to the stage area. People started to flow through the gates, happy and excited. We all had a few hours to run around finalizing a few loose ends before the main stage started at 5pm. Marty Carter started off the ceremonies, followed by Jungle Dave with a sneak appearance by Mousai Entertainment doing Operation Clown. The night was off to a great start.

Despite almost constant downpour, the crowds slowly made their way from their campsites to the main stage. We managed to erect a pretty gigantic tarp to make a covered dance area, which definitely brightened the mood. Scarlet Lux, a belly dancing duo from Vancouver performed a sexy black and silver themed sword dance during C-Biggs set, who happens to also be one of the festival organizers. Everyone I was working with was so multi-talented!

During Bryx and Wakcutt’s set at 10pm I had organized a 5 woman dance performance themed off of “Tamagotchi” masks I had found in Dressew only weeks before. At 10:05, neither Bryx nor me were at the stage. Frantic walkie talkie calls were placed back and forth until Bryx was finally located. He entered the festival grounds during one of the biggest storms, in the black of night. We quickly organized a ride up to the stage in a flatbed truck. I managed to jump in the back of the truck at the last minute and appeared seconds behind him to the backstage area. Quickly doing a head count and realizing we were one dancer short.. I donned a blue mask.. despite the fact I was wearing big baggy rain pants and boots. We came up with a quick storyline and proceeded to rock it on stage.. in the pouring rain. The quick beats and funky basslines played the perfect soundtrack to amp the crowd up for the first night.

Performances Cancelled Due to Rain:

Mark Instinct: Two female dancers were scheduled to perform an interpretive dance in which they conjured Loki himself. A man dressed as Loki was set to enter the scene, and this is the first time we were going to introduce the flame cannons. Epic no?

StickyBuds: All out Funk Jam- Open invite to all the hired performers to act out a party from the 70’s. Think big martini glasses, bellbottom pants, gold bandeaus, flowered shirts, big cigars, platform shoes. Having a ball on the bass bins. Maybe next year?

KnightRiderz: LED Hoops.

Performances Altered Due to Rain:

The Muses vs. The Fates

This performance holds a huge space in my heart for so many reasons. I have had a personal affinity for Greek mythology since I was a little girl. When we chose our name for Mousai.Entertainment it felt so right. In Greek mythlogy, “the Mousai were the goddesses of music, song and dance, and the source of inspiration to poets.” As a dance troupe, we collectively and individually use our powers of inspiration. Through working with Mousai, I’ve developed the ability to see this inspirational power in other dancers. That’s why I was happy to invite a host of other performers to participate in this collaboration. Each dancer invited was given the choice to be a Muse or a Fate, part of Mousai or the Moirai.The Moirai often known in English as the Fates—were the white-robed incarnations of destiny.” They controlled the fates and the futures of all human beings. We twisted this around, and had the Moirai wear all black, and their only props were the threads of life, represented by silver rope. Pictured here.

The original plan was to do an entire campground rove. As the act started at 4:30 am.. this would have been the perfect time to interact with a certain states of mind that only exist at 4:30 am. As the rain had turned the ground into mud.. we decided to spend most of our time in the stage area. First the Moirai made an appearance on stage while the Mousai interacted with the crowd. Then we all joined on stage for a final performance. Yan Zombie lined everything up perfectly.. and was on board with the project from the very beginning.  Thanks again to everyone involved!

Sunday July 1st: Canada Day

The morning started off with sunshine and hope. I spent most of my day in the production office dealing with logistical issues and unfortunately missed most of the Hip Hop showcase. Although the morning had been promising.. the rain reappeared for most of the afternoon.

Canada Day Activities Cancelled Due to Rain:

Fashion Show: A fashion show was planned to showcase the various clothing vendors in an interactive way. 4 models were scheduled to get changed in the Marketplace, and walk around the main downtown area 4 times in different vendor’s wares. Taking model applications for next year.

Skate Competition: Prizes from our various sponsors such as Puff Pipes were collected to give away to the most energetic, and enthusiastic skaters, utilizing the half pipe that was built for the weekend. (I guess Loki isn’t a skateboarding fan.)

Campground Fun: Slip and slides, badminton, Frisbee, a play parachute and more! (I guess not.)

Graf’ on Girls: A personal favourite of mine.. our top graffiti artists were scheduled to paint topless sexy models live, during the hip hop showcase. Prizes were to be given to the crowd’s favourite artist/model combo. No one wants to get painted in the rain though.. maybe next year?

Along with these activities, we had scheduled firespinning at night and an interactive glassblowing studio provided by Submerged Studios. Both cancelled.

Despite all these cancellations, Sunday proved to be the culmination of everything awesome in party culture. The rain actually decided to let up for most of the evening, and we were able to show the crowds what we had up our sleeves. The night was started off perfectly by one of the best sets I have ever witnessed on a EDM stage. Flawlessly blending electronic music with live harmonica and guitar, Moontricks conjured up a nearly full moon from a cloudless sky and poured moonlight and peaceful vibrations on to a smiling and conscious crowd. My beautiful soul sisters of Samsara Prema performed a breathtaking bellydance performance, utilizing scarf and sword manipulations. Surrounded by bass, beauty, friends, family, mountain ranges, rain soaked forests and love.. I burst into tears.. and was crying from happiness for a good part of this set.

The rest of Sunday’s lineup was artistically woven by the other organizers, to keep the inspirational and interactive vibe present throughout the night. Application, still dressed in his fluorescent orange rain suit rocked his set with a headlamp firmly attached to his head, and sexy ladies rocking out on stage. Glitchy and Scratchy had lovely forest elves present to hand out kiwi slices to the hungry crowd.  Robgoblin kept the crowd entertained while we switched out equipment for Subvert’s set. He played a fantastic set, and teamed up with Mousai to provide an Ewok themed performance to hype everyone up for the Village Stage at Shambhala. Longwalkshortdock provided energy and erratic enthusiasm as always, and Emotions and Stylust surprised the crowd with a violin player and live drummer. Only wish we had some photos of this amazing set!

Overall.. Loki was an amazing experience, a huge opportunity, and a test of stamina. I can’t even begin to thank each individual that supported the project and me personally, but please know that I appreciate each and every one of you! From the volunteers to the dancers, stage man-handlers to the CAT drivers, bartenders to pirates. Love love love love love love love love.

Photos courtesy of Eye of the Mind Photography, Vasho Photography, Ryan Mitchell and SB Photo & Design.

One thought on “Loki Music Festival

  1. Loki was shockingly enjoyable in spite of the rain, you guys throw a really good show, cant wait to return. Thanks. 🙂

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