After Loki, I had absolutely no time to regroup or relax, before piling all of my belongings into the Galaxy Van. Driven by the amazing and talented Jenny Jen.. this van was about to take three other Mousai members and I down to our first ever American festival.. Fractalize. (The van has just now been knighted the Galaxy Van, because every time I enter it, I exit in a brand new world.)

As Jenny had good friends just south of Belden, it was decided that we would make our first destination Grass Valley, CA. Among other very talented people, this place housed the designer and owner of Paradigm Shift Jewelery. Jenny drove straight for approximately 20 hours.. and we arrived just before sunset.. on July 4th. We celebrated the Fourth of July in America, on a sunkissed porch, surrounded with tanned, friendly souls, feeding us delicious food and pouring us local wine. A perfect oasis after the rainy fields of Loki’s land. The night was spent relaxing and rejuvenating before the weekend’s events.

The next day we headed to Fractalize Festival in Belden town, about an hour north of Grass Valley. An old historic ghost town, Belden is a perfect place to throw a festival.. as the majority of the logistics are handled by the venue owners themselves. They provide over 12 separate cabins for rent at minimal cost, a licensed saloon, a general store, and a restaurant that are all open during the festival. The leading ladies representing two of San Francisco’s largest bass music production companies; MalLabel and Hellefante threw the event.

“Leading the bass music scene in the Bay Area over the past few years, MalLabel hosts’ large-scale underground events with some of the biggest names in bass. Since early 2009, Hellefante has been serving the Bay Area with Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Grime, UK Funky to Garage, presenting some of the most respected producers and performers of our time.”

A fresh new scene, with hip hop acts like E-40, DJ Toure of the Hieroglyphics and familiar faces like Ant-en-ae performing? Mousai.Entertainment was as excited as you can imagine. What a great opportunity in a new place. I was especially excited as I was not only performing with Mousai, but taking a Cabin Management role as well to help out with the festival. I generally try to work as much as possible at any festival, and I was still in extreme work mode.. after Loki.

Imagine 4 days of awesomeness. Great organization, wonderful artwork and a river flecked with gold to float in during the day! Great sound supplied by the Wobble Factory, manufactured by PK Sound. We performed for The Widdler, and An-ten-nae, and had a great time during both! Being in it’s first year.. the festival was small, intimate, and friendly. I thoroughly enjoyed having the time to meet a lot of the San Fran bass locals, and I look forward to my next Bay Area adventure.

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