Madness and Martians

After Fractalize.. I had the option of getting dropped off in Vancouver, BC with the other Vancouver Mousai to relax until the end of the Full Flex Express Tour.. or staying in the Galaxy Van for another mad dash back to Golden BC, accompanying the Calgary Mousai who were looking to regroup before the Winnepeg and Edmonton Skrillex shows. Although the relaxation in Vancouver was tempting.. I decided on the mad dash to Golden, with the hopes that I could hitchhike to Edmonton, AB.. my hometown.. and relax there before the touring girls picked me up on the way to Vancouver.

A little history about the Full Flex Express Tour.. from their website.

“In line with his ongoing attempts to re-imagine the idea of touring and performance, ubiquitous Grammy-winning DJ/producer Skrillex announces a string of Canadian dates featuring some of the most bubbling names in Electronic Dance Music, all of whom will be traveling between cities on a private passenger train. At each stop, a festival event will take place, featuring performances by Skrillex, Pretty Lights, Diplo, Grimes, KOAN Sound and Tokimonsta on multiple stages to crowds in the tens of thousands..

The Full Flex Express concept is inspired by The Festival Express tour that took place along a similar route in 1970 featuring Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead, and The Band. An assertion of the camaraderie and like-mindedness of the performers, this tour is less about practicality than it is simply enjoying the ride. When asked about the run of dates, Skrillex said “we were really inspired when Mumford and Sons and Edward Sharp and those guys did a train tour. We wanted to do it as well and share this music with people across Canada. Just to do it and have fun.”

When I heard about this tour way back in the planning stages. I went beserk. The Festival Express documentary about Janis Joplin and The Band was one of my favourite movies in high school. I thought it was a great concept for a tour, and I was excited even at the thought of being involved. The train started in Montreal and had it’s last stop in Vancouver. Mousai Entertainment was hired to be a part of the shows in Winnipeg, Edmonton and Vancouver. Our creative director and manager Dani Lil Dragns chose four dancers to perform at the shows in Edmonton and Winnipeg, and all 8 members of Mousai were gathering together for an epic reunion in Vancouver to perform for the end of the tour.

I attended the Edmonton show to show my support for the girls, as I was in town.. and I managed to snap some photos before the show. I also have some crazy backstage video footage that I will post in the weeks to come. That night we attended the after party in Edmonton, jumped in the car, drove back to Golden, regrouped, then drove through the night to Vancouver.

Arriving in Vancouver at 5AM on one of the biggest days of my life.. all I dreamed of was sleep and a good meal. After a cold butter chicken wrap purchased from the only open convience store in the area and 4 hours of sleep, I was ready to go. The entire day was filled with sparkles, airbrush paint, and excited anticipation. We were fully supported by familiar faces from Vancouver and the Calgary PK Crew. Four of us were scheduled to perform for Grimes’ set, and four were to perform for Skrillex’s set. Both producers were friendly, engaging and supportive of our performances. We had never felt more ready for a performance in our entire lives. Suddenly it was go time.

Thousands of dollars of pyrotechnics, lazers, smoke machines and spaceship props seem like they would be intimidating. However, they provided nothing but a crazy motivation to absolutely kill it. So we did. Both performances went off without a hitch. Crazy intergalactic alien warrior queens rocked the stage, showcasing freestyle, choreography, fan manipulation, contortion and hulahooping. Jenny Jen’s airbrush art work glowed beautifully in blacklight, and the gorgeous costumes designed by Jenny Jen, Dani Lil Dragns and Deets by Visha Loo brought everything together perfectly. Photos used from BluePrintEvents.

That night we rolled as an alien posse to the after party at Celebrities, rocked out on stage during Skrillex’s set, then mobbed out to Submerged Studios where the after after party was. Our family and friends provided the perfect space to decompress, listen to chill music provided by Dubconscious and Application, and drink beer until the sun came up – still glistening in our alien scales.

After some emotional goodbyes, I again neglected the urge to relax in Vancouver.. and caught a ride with a good friend back to Nelson, BC.. where I sit now.. feeling like this night was a million lightyears ago.

Special thanks to Dani Lil-Dragns for making this wonderful whirlwind happen, and bundles of love and appreciation to the other members of Mousai. It’s actually unbelievable how much we’ve grown in a year. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this madness.

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