An August Note

It’s almost October and I’m still in Vancouver. Originally, my plan was to come back to Vancouver near the end of August and jump in one of the Burning Man destined vehicles heading south, starting my trip all over again. Alas, I wasn’t prepared to drop everything and start traveling again. I needed a break.

Leaving Vancouver on March 6th, I only had some idea that my summer was going to be so crazy. By the end of May, I had already attended four music festivals, traveled by land to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and then LA again. After Lightning in a Bottle, the tour with Mousai Entertainment began.

–straight shot from California to Alberta for Sync Festival. Sync Festival to Vancouver, BC for Mousai’s W.O.M.A.N Workshop. Vancouver to Kaslo, BC for Loki Fest. Loki Fest all the way to San Francisco for Fractalize, Fractalize to Edmonton, AB, of all places, for the Skrillex show. (My hometown! Definitely did not plan on visiting there this summer.) Edmonton to Vancouver, Vancouver to Nelson, Nelson to Squamish for Bass Coast, no sleep Sunday night.. straight to Salmo, BC for Shambhala.. then finally back to Vancouver for a friend’s wedding on August 18th. After one final trip up to Squamish for a smaller festival called Chief Bass I was DONE.

How was it? An amazingly hectic summer. Filled with laughter, foolishness, creativity and freedom. It was one of the best rollercoaster rides a girl could ask for. At Bass Coast and Shambhala everything we had been working towards all summer was amplified, highlighted, showcased and displayed for all to see. Our costumes ranged from Rainbow Fruit Givers to Circus Porcelain Dolls, and I played 5 different characters in 2 weeks ranging from a woodland deer to the Queen of Hearts for our final “Circ-Dee Wonderland” performance on Sunday night of Shambhala for Ill Gates. Each performance was more extravagant then the one before. Photos from various photographers shown here. All body paint done by Jenny Jen.

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I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity to perform at all of these festivals. I am proud to know the muses of Mousai, and I am constantly inspired, amazed, and motivated by each one of them. Being able to give back in a creative way to the festivals that have always inspired me has been an overwhelming experience so far. These festivals create a haven for people where societal norms and barriers erode, personal doubts fade away and uplifting mantras are sung through dance. I strongly support the long lasting shifts in consciousness that can be found in a festival setting, and can’t wait to see what next summer has in store!

Mousai inspire, create, love and breathe music. Live this passion forever and always.

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