San Fran’d

Already feeling a million light years away and it’s only been a week. For the most part my posts will now be short and sweet as I don’t have access to a regular computer 24/7.

I’be spent the last week hanging out with two good friends fr Vancouver who have been travelling down the west coast in a camper van for the past three months. We spent two nights camping in state parks north of the Bay, and will spend the weekend renegade camping in the city.

One of the friends is a fellow muse of Mousai Entertainment that I haven’t seen since Shambhala. To keep our performer spirits happy we have come up with a theatre routine that we are taking to Golden Gate Park today and a Burning Man Decompression party tomorrow. A love story between a socially awkward Charlie Chaplin character and a bubble blowing masked doll. Hopefully we’ll get a few photos of the act to share.

For now here are some snapshots of my morning view.





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