Decompression 2012

This previous Sunday, in San Francisco, I attended the country’s largest Burning Man after-party, the 13th Annual Decompression Heat the Street Fair.

Over six major city blocks were gated off to contain one of the largest street parties I’ve been to yet. Burners of all shapes and sizes were doing their burner thing “urbanized”. Hugs of welcome, dance invitations and friendly smiles seasoned the night and a cacophony of music vibrated from everything. We spent about 2 hours enjoying the sights, then wandered out into the warm San Franciscan night. I captured the two videos below.

I fell in love with this man’s music the first time I saw him play at Shambhala, years ago. I have since found him at various parties in California this summer. He played at the Decompression party for well over an hour, never missing a beat.
Freestyler, cello tickler, beatbox machine.

One thought on “Decompression 2012

  1. Hey Rue! Thanks for great times in Xela! Love Cello Joe! I have a feeling we will see you again. Perhaps somewhere in Peru’s jungle? Felize Viaje, buene suerte, y clara alma!

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