Copan, Honduras

Swinging in a hammock overlooking a major street in Copan Ruinas I reflect on my past few days. The Mayan ceremony on Friday consisted of drums, pan flute, and chanting rituals over a carefully constructed fire. Black coals made of a sweet smelling substance flickered with energetic flames, rolling and changing with the wind; thick smoke bathing us all in its scent. The wind itself was monumental, changing direction every second, with gales unusually strong for the area. Perfect for bringing in new energy. After the ceremony everyone made the trek back down the jungle covered volcano in silence, smiling inwardly together.

That night I was lulled to sleep by the sound of fireworks and street fiestas back in Xela. I was tempted by the parties but Saturday I had a 12 hour
bus ride to Copan Ruinas the city close to the Mayan ruins of Copan. Next to Tikal, this site is one of the biggest in the area and is known for particularly detailed carvings and hieroglyphics. Of course this is the day after my good camera gives up on me but I managed to snap these photos here.










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