A Masaya Morning

Heart racing from a deliciously strong coffee, typical of this area I lay on the top bunk of a hostel bed, alone again. The friend that I was traveling with went back to California yesterday and it was sad to see him go. I’m excited though, to start journeying again solo, I do love it so.

We spent a measly week in El Salvador, that was definitely not enough. Friendly people, beautiful architecture and great
street art. Although most guidebooks boast of San Salvador’s nightlife, we were found it virtually impossible to find live music in our time there. Maybe next time around..
After that, Leon, Nicaragua for three days, a liberal, university town and haven for women’s activists, poets and other free spirits. It also possesses Central America’s largest cathedral. Lion statues every where symbolized the city’s strength and left wing ferocity.

20130120-112741.jpg From Leon to the Pacific Coast for some beach time; then the beach to Masaya, Nicaragua where I lay now.

The next week I’ll be working, meditating and contemplating life at El Finca Coco Loco, a large organic farm slightly easy of Masaya, situated on the slope of an ancient volcano.

I have so much to share that I can’t find time to express it all on this tiny little computer. My heart feels like its bursting from contentment with the present and excitement for the next part of my journey alone. Perhaps it’s just the coffee. Who knows.. Maybe after a week of meditating I’ll have more collected thoughts.

By the way… The people in Nicaragua are stop and stare beautiful. Proof of this fact shown here…


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