Myth, and Musings

A lot has hkgtolw-ohfrappened to me in the first month of our new year, both adventure wise, and mentally. It´s had a huge effect on me, and I´d like to share my revelations. Blissfully, I spent the last week meditating, reflecting and cleansing on a diet of farm fresh fruit, cacao and local veggies. My body was cleansed of toxins and my mind released tension, doubt and fear. I realized a wild combination of buried emotions and fresh thoughts had been clogging my system up until then. The farm gave me the clarity to put my thoughts together. Admittedly, many other more experienced people have explored these topics in better detail, however, this comes from my heart:

Firstly, in this past month, I had the opportunity to find out more about the significance of the new era that we are entering into. Before Dec. 21 2012, and during, I only possessed a general understanding that this date was a new beginning in the Mayan Calendar. I blindly attended a Mayan ceremony with an open heart, eager to ring in this new era with those who knew certain truths, hoping I´d learn a thing or two. Really I just bore witness to something foreign, wonderful, and out of my grasp. A few weeks after, I spent my last week in Guatemala at a jungle lodge on the Rio Dulce in Northwest Guatemala. Here I had the opportunity to read the majority of a wonderful book called Maya Cosmogenisis 2012: a deliciously descriptive breakdown of the cosmology and astrology of the Ancient Mayans, specifically in relation to the end of their Long Count Calendar. Basically, due to their vigilance in stargazing the Mayans noticed a slight change in the elliptical path of the stars, that would be impossible to notice by the average observer. They used their observations of this yearly change to forecast the future positions of the stars. On 21.12.12 they predicted that the December solstice sun would pass through the dark rift in the Milky Way. Although this did not occur exactly as predicted, the moral of their myths surrounding the event still serve as lesson, and a guiding principle for future hope.

In myth and legend, The Milky Way represents the Cosmic Mother, the mother of all creation, and the noticeable dark rift is her womb, the Center of the Universe and the place of birth and renewal. The solstice sun represents the First Father, the bringer of light and life, and also.. the holy son. So on this sacred day, for the first time in thousands of years, the belief is that male and female powers aligned and intertwined, rebirthing new thoughts, concepts and beliefs.

From this myth I gather that, ideally, from this point forward, we will pay more respect to our mother dearest: the earth, and focus female energies of creation, fertility and family. Not holding one higher than the other, we must respect the power and strength of both male and female forces and ideally the forces will balance out. More family run cooperatives instead of rich men run corporations? That´s the dream isn´t it? Men and women working together, for a common goal, instead of personal wealth? Exciting thoughts.

¨The ancient Maya understood that the future alignment would have apocalyptic effects and designed their myths to remind us what is essential. Myth, legend or ancient message, clearly the Galactic Alignment means we should all remember where we came from, Mother.¨

Another basic concept that I´ve been mulling over is the Individual vs. the Community. Although I am completely new to the meditation, inner healing and self awareness circuit, and maybe because of this…  I have a bit of trouble approving of a life long commitment to one´s self. In the past 7 weeks I have spent different periods of time either working or traveling with three extremely individually minded men. Varying slightly, their general philosophies maintain that one´s ultimate purpose in life is to look inside, find peace within, and only then can you help others, but in the meantime, self work is the only necessary task. I think that life is more than this. Finding inner peace can be a life long search, and ultimate self healing takes years.  If we commit our lives to only this, where does community come from? What happens to the selfless doctors working around the clock? Teachers struggling to inspire their students. Would they all be at home meditating? Unfortunately we can’t all afford such luxury. So many people preach the simple life, which is definitely idyllic and great for some, but we can’t completely discount the complicated lives. Again, balance is needed. Inner peace is a beautiful thing, however, in my opinion, an equally important task is creating positive connections with others. It may be an ambitious thought, idealistic even.. but I believe everyone has the ability to look within and find peace, while at the same time look outside to create love, opportunity and growth. Building strength within yourself is a great step to enlightenment, yes, but for humanity to really improve.. we need to reach out and help each other to find collective harmony. Both practices can work to serve each other, and ideally make the process that much rewarding.

It´s extremely exciting to see so many people waking up, meditating, eating well, and building sustainable communities that destabilize corporate strongholds. We need to move away from this crazed addiction to individual growth, personal gain, and masculine takeovers and breathe life into the female strengths of community, warmth, and creation. Perhaps realize that it´s NOT a (rich) man´s world, but rather a family affair. The knowledge is everywhere, all around us, growing..

Now if you listen closely
I´ll tell you what I know00D70F62-7C5A-4623-A332-A681F2D64517-237-000000314D3707CD
Storm clouds are gathering,
The wind is going to blow
The race of man is suffering
And I can hear the moans
´Cause nobody
But nobody
Can make it out alone
Alone – Maya Angelou


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