Vines vs. Pines

monteverde.CcSkytrekWell, here I am. Dead center in one of Costa Rica´s most famed ecosystems. Most visitors come for the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve which National Geographic has called the  “the jewel in the crown of cloud forest reserves”. Beside the reserve, a smorgasbord of touristy activities are available (costing a pretty penny), such as Zip-lining, Night Hikes, and Waterfall tours.


Violet Sabrewing Hummingbird — Paul Souders/Corbis ©

The mountain air is refreshing, and the greenery is a sight for sore eyes. I can drink the tap water and it tastes delicious! This whole area really makes me long for British Columbia. The forests here look fairly similar, despite the odd Howler Monkey or two.. and to be honest? The vines are pretty… but I miss the pines! I´ve walked about 6 hours every day, exploring as much as possible. Picture: lush jungle greenery, breathtaking mountain views, cream white horses in abundant pastures; Hummingbirds, butterflies, and bliss.

The transition from Nicaragua was a little crazy. I spent my last week in Nicaragua on Ometepe Island… a simple, remote island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. I enjoyed the rural life, ate simply and explored the island in solitude. On one of my last days there, I ran into a guy from Costa Rica who was driving to San Jose the same day I was planning on coming here to Monteverde. Perfect! I thought.. save time on the bus and get here directly. Disillusionment at its finest. The 5 hour car trip turned into three days of adventure in a dusty green Jeep. I met his entire family, saw some waterfalls, and checked out a few hidden beaches. Of course.. just as he starts to take me to where I needed to go, the car breaks down. jeepWait for an hour on the blistering hot roadside, (thankfully we had rum), get a ride in the tow truck to the highway, and grab a bus headed up to Monteverde. 2 hours up an incredibly sketchy road, precariously slugging along awe-inspiring cliff faces the whole way. Best believe I was happy to arrive at my hostel alive and well that night. Greens, trees, forests, clean water, clouds, rain!! A chance to wear my rain jacket, boots and socks that I´ve been carrying around forever.

I am a happy forest creature, replenished, and ready for more beach action.


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