Summer Shimmies

Well, I’ve been back in Vancouver now for just under three months, and the fun hasn’t stopped. Almost every single day has been filled with sunshine, creativity, movement, friendship and preparation for the quickly approaching summer. Upon my arrival in Vancouver I was cordially invited to join a new performance collective coined Omnika in Motion. An all star cast, this 9 person powerhouse has hit the ground running with performances at the Vancouver Art Gallery, Commercial Car Free Day, and the Rickshaw Theatre. We have also been booked to perform at the Amphitheater stage, (formerly the Rock Pit) at Shambhala Music Festival. Expect an intriguing mix of classic dance styles, hip hop stylinz and creative storylines.

Logo2-001I find myself performing an exciting balancing act between the new troupe and Mousai Entertainment. Constantly evolving at a rapid pace, we are headed into our third year of business and have so many radical projects on the horizon. For the first time Mousai will be taking a full stage for a 15 minute “Bass Broadway” act at Motion Notion, Bass Coast and Shambhala Music Festival. Much love to The Village and PK Sound for supporting us from the beginning. In addition we will be creating various roving acts that can be found on the dancefloors, beaches and forests of these three festivals, and U4eeyah in September. AAANNd, we have recently launched our new website, Check it out for more video/photos.

It feels amazing to just focus on two major festivals this year. I am so incredibly proud of the performing arts community that continues to grow in the Vancouver underground, following in the footsteps of such greats as Luciterra and Sweet Soul Burlesque. The opportunities are overwhelming, the freedom is inspirational, and the sparkly stress will all be worth it in the end. There are some great surprises in store for the summer! Keep your eyes peeled, and your hearts willing.

P.S. I recently got to perform for this amazing DJ from the UK called Mouldy Soul at a show done by Ineo Studios. Check out his funky fresh music here.



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