Autumn Notes

Feeling grounded, humbled and hidden. Feeling like I have nothing but secrets. No new thoughts to share, only reflections. My ankle injury is a sore point, and I have been trying to ignore the weakness that it’s created. A recent tour from Vancouver to U4eeyah, to Calgary, Edmonton, Canmore then Nelson.. made me realize how much I value the company of friends and family. Old traditions, real love, friendships lasting over the years.. strong roots. Movements realistic and sincere, free flowing thought and artistic expression. Family moments and friends in need. A wedding in Canmore.. a bridal party. A 4 day cabin adventure with live music, full moons, fireworks and shenanigans. Road trip down to Nelson.. cue more magic.


Nelson is a place that encourages and embraces healthy living but doesn’t package it with loudly colored LuLu lemon pants and gym memberships. Woodsy lives, forest creatures,  snowboarding enthusiasts, rainbows, and


The excitement for the winter ahead and the snow it promises, shines through handsome eyes creased with laughter lines. An excitement that brightens up the rainy days of Autumn. Sleepovers in lofty houses filled with graffiti prints, homemade quilts and world weary women. Children’s laughter and interrupted song caught on recording, –hard hitting– with pot and pan percussion. Kitten cuddles… grounding moments. Feeling a strong pull from these ancient lands, holding me close yet pulling me in different directions. Back on the coast now.. Vancouver cold yet welcoming. Friends and family host Thanksgiving… delicious potlucks and dangerous baking. Spacy thoughts and strange bus rides. Skyscraping glass and concrete define an overpriced horizon while just next door, past the edges of the postcard picture– sunwarmed communities live love outloud.

These are the communities that foster me, harbour me with love and acceptance when I make my rounds. Allow me to hide when I need to recoup.. Edmonton, Nelson, Vancouver. New loves and old. Thanks for being wonderful.


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