Although dancing has always been a huge part of my life, 539286_10151208036210609_1038458965_neverything really exploded for me in 2008 when I discovered the Vancouver underground EDM community. This world was filled with wonder, magic, fire and basslines that I had never experienced growing up in a live music scene in Edmonton, AB. At this point the term “dubstep” was still whispered, and the parties were small, dark and grimy. The first few years, I was another face in the crowd. Eyes wide open to the energies around, dancing hours on end. I eventually started meeting like minded individuals sharing this space. With their support, there were moments where I lost all concept of reality; immersed in the swirl of the dancefloor. These moments reconfirmed my love of dance. I strongly believe that dancing allows me to reach a higher level of consciousness, connect with others, detach from others, entertain, uplift, and inspire.

In the past 5 fives, I have had the wonderful opportunity to be a leading member of three alternative dance troupes; The Dancing Bulls, Mousai Entertainment, and most recently Omnika in Motion. These troupes have encouraged me to constantly increase my physical ability, enhance my stage presence and push me outside of my comfort zones. I feel extremely blessed to live out my childhood dreams on elaborate stages, tour to various music festivals and play with fantastic costumes, hair and makeup.


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