This page will stand as a working bibliography and reference source.

A few books have been given to me in the past few years with helpful intentions. My purpose is to use these books throughout my journey and throughout my writing.

Off the Map – Anonymous

This book was gifted to me by my soul sister, travel mentor, and co-conspirator, Kjelti Anderson. It has since kept us both company on shared and individual trips. It passes hands to whoever needs it most. It contains small stories with words of poetic wisdom, written by two women squatting and hitching across Europe.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go (Party Edition) – Dr. Seuss

One of the only Christmas presents received this year, from my older brother Zach Taylor. A perfect gift right before leaving, Dr. Seuss says it all. I especially like the paragraph about waiting. As glamorous as travel sounds, a large part of it is spent doing just that. Although I couldn’t fit the book with me.. the words carry on.. and hopefully I’ll “find that bright place where the Boom Bands are playing.”

The Worst-Case Scenario (Little Book for Survival) – Josh Piven and David Borgenicht

Gifted by my mother before my first big trip across seas.. this book serves as a constant reminder that it could always be worse.

Other Inspirational Links –

The Caravan Stage Company

This amazing stage company was traveling around Greece three summers ago, when I had the opportunity to check out one of their shows. Their main mission is to bring theatre, creativity and imagination to smaller towns that usually don’t get big productions. They have created a fully working theatre ship that does just that. It’s pretty amazing.

WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms)

A great resource when traveling if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty. It’s a work exchange program for travelers who are interested in sustainable living. General agreement is that you work 4-8 hours a day in exchange for room and board. I’ve used the program or affiliates in Australia, Turkey, Canada and now the USA.


A similiar resource.. if you’re staying in the city. A huge network of wonderful people willing to open their doors to travelers in return for their stories. (I always try to wash a few dishes in return. )


One thought on “Inspiration

  1. June 22nd 2009
    “Last night we went out on the town in the Greek quarter of the small Bozca Ada harbor village. We found the white linens, we found the candlelight, we found the grapevine terraces, the cobblestone, the wine glasses, the calamari… but mostly we found how it feels to be women, strong women who speak freely of their emotions and thoughts, who support one another and appreciate each others gifts. The romance was dripping in the air and that was even before old Baba started to fill the street with the movement of his fingers dashing across the keys in time to the gentle coaxing of his accordion box. Later, there was fruit, and more wine, and conversation full of hopes and dreams… Life is but a wisp of LIFE. That is all! To grasp, to hold, to taste, to feel, to hear…. how beautiful and fleeting. Just FEEL and believe indefinitely that is it all you can possibly know.”

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