A little bit of family history is essential in describing my travel intentions. My father was born in Colombia to British missionaries, and my mother spent most of her childhood in a boarding school in Nigeria, also with missionary parents. They eventually moved to Canada, where they met at the University of Windsor in Ontario. Two years later, I appeared. Three years in Toronto, then we moved to Vancouver, where my sister was born, three years later, moved to Edmonton where my brother was born. We were nomads from the start, each one of us with a different home, different sets of Godparents in each city.

The rest of my family is spread around the world in the following ways:

Mother’s Side:
Grandmother in Ontario
Aunt and Uncle in Haiti
Aunt and Uncle in Mexico
Aunt and Uncle in Peru

Father’s Side:
Grandmother/Greataunt in England
Aunt and Uncle in Spain

Thankfully, I’ve had the opportunity to visit my father’s side of the family every five years or so. Just two years ago I went to Ontario to visit my Grandma.. so the next logical step? Attempting to visit the rest of the clan South of Canada. That’s one of the main intentions of this trip.

Other intentions include:

  • Document almost everything, through video, journal entries and photos
  • Work for my accommodation whenever possible
  • Camp whenever possible
  • Search out music as much as possible
  • Dance as much as possible
  • Hitch hike whenever probable
  • Be safe, healthy and respectful of my surroundings as much as possible

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